Comprehensive Lobbying and Source of Funding Regulations

In August, 2017, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (“Commission”) submitted Notices of Proposed Rulemaking for Part 938 (Source of Funding Disclosure regulations) and Part 943 (Comprehensive Lobbying Regulations).

Upon receipts of comments, the Commission has made substantial revisions to Part 943 and, on January 30, 2018, submitted a Notice of Revised Rulemaking for Part 943 (Comprehensive Lobbying Regulations).

If adopted, Part 943 will mark the first time that existing guidelines and decades of advisory opinions will be compiled in one place in New York. It will provide a “one-stop shop” for information about the rules and requirements associated with lobbying in New York. Designed to close loopholes that have evolved over time, the regulations will capture more and better information about the targets of lobbying activities and the real clients of lobbyists. 

The regulations take into account the use of ever-changing technology in conducting lobbying campaigns. They also streamline reporting requirements, providing more clarity about the requirements related to consultants, grassroots lobbying, sources of funding, and the use of new media for lobbying purposes.

In Part 938, the Commission seeks to amend its source of funding regulations to coincide and be consistent with the comprehensive lobbying regulations and current statutory provisions.

The Commission conducted a public hearing on both Notices in Hearing Room A of the Legislative Office Building in Albany on October 30, 2017. The video of that hearing can be found here

Public Comments


The Commission has been seeking comment and input from the lobbying community and other concerned members of the public since the Commission first published staff proposals on its website in October 2016.  To view the previous staff proposal of the regulations, prior public comments, and a video of a December 7, 2016 public hearing in New York City on the earlier proposal, click here.