Sample Letters

Sample Letters


The following sample letters are provided and intended to aid the lobbying community. They may not cover every possible situation that may occur. If additional assistance is required, Commission staff may be contacted. The content of all correspondence is the responsibility of the sender and is subject to review and final approval of the NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

On-Line Filing System Password Reset Letters

1: PDF | Word On-line filer forgets answers to secret questions.
2: PDF | Word On-Line filer unable to retrieve user id and password from e mail on profile.
3: PDF | Word Original responsible person listed on the profile has left the company.

General Information

Agreements or written authorizations:

The Lobbying Act requires that a copy of a signed, written lobbying agreement or written authorization be submitted with each registration. Such agreement must specify the period of the year or biennial period covered and must disclose the terms and amount of compensation. If the lobbyist is retained by the organization, the actual compensation must be reported. If the retainer is based on a daily or hourly rate, the fee per day or per hour must be reported. If the lobbyist is a salaried employee of the organization, the lobbyist's prorated salary for lobbying activity must be reported.

Registrations will be considered incomplete without a copy of the agreement or written authorization to lobby from the client.

If you do not have a written lobbying agreement, a written authorization, signed by the chief administrative officer of the client or employer, may be substituted and must be submitted together with a written summary of your oral agreement. The terms and amounts of your compensation or salary must be disclosed. Authorizations that are not signed by the chief administrative officer of the client will not be accepted.

Please note: Any registration submitted to the Commission that is not complete (i.e., no Lobbyist Statement of Registration (Amendment) form, no authorization, no signature, no registration fee) will be returned and will not extend the due date for submission.

A lobbyist may not engage in lobbying activity or receive compensation prior to registration, and registration is not complete until an executed copy of the agreement or a written authorization is received by the Commission.

In the event negotiations or other events delay the timely execution of an agreement or authorization, the lobbyist should register (or file a registration amendment) and file a memorandum of agreement/authorization to lobby, signed by the client, prior to engaging in lobbying activity. The finalized agreement or written authorization should be filed promptly upon its execution.

The agreement or authorization start date is the first date the agreement or authorization is in effect. The end date is the last date the agreement or authorization is in effect. These dates do not have to coincide with the beginning or end of a calendar year, or a biennial registration period. For open-ended agreements, you must show the beginning and end of the calendar year or biennial period for which you are registering.

Those filing online have the option of either mailing in a copy of the signed agreement or authorization or uploading a scanned copy of the signed agreement or authorization to attach to their filing. A mailed-in agreement or authorization must have the registration confirmation number written on the top of the page. Agreements or authorizations can be uploaded during the completion of the individual registration or through the "Manage Contract" section of the Lobbyist menu.

Agreements or written authorizations may be mailed to the following address:

NYS Joint Commission on Public Ethics
540 Broadway
Albany, New York 12207

Authorization Letter (Retained)

This is a sample authorization letter for a retained lobbyist.

Authorization Letter (Employee)

This is a sample authorization letter for an employee of an organization.

Agreement/Authorization Extension

This sample letter extends the terms and conditions of an agreement/authorization (previous agreement/authorization must be submitted with this letter).

Termination Withdrawal

This sample letter requests the Commission withdraw an approved termination on file so a Lobbyist Statement of Registration Amendment can be filed by the lobbyist.


This sample letter terminates a lobbying agreement/authorization between a lobbyist and client.

Agreement/Authorization Change

This sample letter advises the Commission of a change in an agreement/authorization term.

Designation Letter

This sample letter allows a chief administrative officer of an organization to designate another individual to make and sign statement(s) and/or report(s). A "Designation Letter" is not necessary for filers utilizing the online filing system.

Please Note - The chief administrative officer may designate another to sign and file the reports, but this designation does not relieve the chief administrative officer of liability due to a failure to file, late filing or false filing of any report(s).

Agreement/Authorization Lapse

This sample letter advises the Commission that no compensation has been received, nor lobbying taken place, during a lapse.

If you have comments or questions on the statute or your filings, you may contact the Commission by e-mail:
Or call (518) 408-3976