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Commission on Public Integrity Announces Office Location

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2007

ALBANY — John D. Feerick, Chair of the New York State Ethics Commission, today announced that the new Commission on Public Integrity will continue the work of the Ethics Commission and the Lobbying Commission "I want to thank James King, Chair of the Lobbying Commission, and its Executive Director, David Grandeau, and staff, for their contributions to improving the ethical climate in New York State," said Dean Feerick. "All New Yorkers owe them a debt of gratitude."

Similarly, Dean Feerick acknowledged the important contributions of the Commissioners and staff of the Ethics Commission to improving the ethical climate of New York State. "Their assistance, and that of the Lobbying Commission, has assured a very effective transition," he said.

Dean Feerick also recognized the work of Herbert Teitelbaum, Executive Director of the Ethics Commission. "He has been here only for a few months and he has done an excellent job in working to combine the staffs of the two commissions, developing new space and handling many other management details, all while supervising the day-to-day business of the Ethics Commission."

Dean Feerick noted, "The work of the two Commissions will continue uninterrupted, as required by the Public Employee Reform Act of 2007. As the law states, the work of both commissions 'may be conducted and completed . . . in the same manner and under the same terms and conditions and with the same effect as if conducted and completed by the former temporary state commission on lobbying and the state ethics commission.'"

Dean Feerick also announced that the offices of the Commission on Public Integrity will be located at 540 Broadway in Albany. "This new location will accommodate the staff of both commissions and allow for additional staff to be added," he said.

Dean Feerick said that the reception area of the new location will be open on Monday, September 24, the first business day of the new Commission. Staff of the Ethics Commission and the Temporary State Commission on Lobbying will begin moving to the second and third floors of 540 Broadway in a few weeks, said Dean Feerick. In the meantime, the remaining staff of both former agencies will continue working out of their current offices, assuring no interruption in the uncompleted work of the predecessor commissions.