Commission Reaches $60,000 Settlement

Commission Reaches $60,000 Settlement

CONTACT: Walter C. Ayres

ALBANY – The State Commission on Public Integrity today announced it has reached a settlement of $60,000 in a case involving three companies: Powers Crane & Company, LLC, Crane and Vacco, LLC and Crane Consulting, LLC. As part of the agreement, the companies admitted to all of the violations of law which the Commission alleged.

Powers Crane & Company admitted six violations of false filing of a bi-monthly report. Four of the reports involved Duane Reade, Inc., one involved the New York State Laborer’s Political Action Committee, and one involved Delaware North Companies, Inc.

Crane & Vacco admitted two violations of false filing of a bi-monthly report. One involved the Cable Telecommunications Association of New York and the other involved Delaware North Companies, Inc.

Crane & Vacco and Crane Consulting Group admitted providing a gift to two public officials in excess of the maximum permitted by law.

Michael Cherkasky, Chairman of the Commission, said, “This is the largest penalty assessed by this Commission. By including full admissions of all charges, this settlement sets a precedent with the lobbying community. This Commission will not allow violators to escape such an admission simply by agreeing to pay a higher financial penalty.”

“It is well-established that potential violators are deterred more by both the surety of punishment and by the severity of the punishment,” said Mr. Cherkasky.

The cases were referred to the Commission in September 2007 after the final meeting by the Temporary State Commission on Lobbying. Under the new law that created this Commission, many of the witnesses had to be re-interviewed under oath, which the Lobbying Commission had not done during its investigations.

As part of the agreements, the companies waive their right to challenge the settlements in any proceeding, judicial or otherwise.

The settlement agreements, as well as the referrals and depositions in the case, are available on the Commission’s website at