Candidates' Delinquent Filings

Candidates for statewide elected office and the Legislature are required, pursuant to Public Officers Law § 73-a(2)(a), to file a Statement of Financial Disclosure ("FDS") with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics ("JCOPE") or the Legislative Ethics Commission ("LEC"), respectively. All FDS filings are due to JCOPE or LEC within 10 days of becoming a candidate. Based on a review of information compiled by the LEC and JCOPE, the following candidates have failed to file a statutorily-required FDS.

2016 Delinquent Filings

NameStatusOffice SoughtDistrict
Travis P. BourgeoisNot Filed Assembly 21
Christopher H. Boyark Filed 9/22/16 Assembly 113
Thomas P. CaseyNot Filed Senate 59
Spencer Cineus Not Filed Assembly 59
Jose A. ColonNot Filed Senate 29
Michael G. CoxFiled 9/19/16 Senate 25
Katie A. Cucco Not Filed Assembly 46
Carmen N. De La RosaNot Filed Assembly 72
Michael J. DennisNot Filed Assembly 87
James V. Depasquale Not Filed Senate 60
Robert  Diamond Not Filed Senate 36
Que EnglishNot Filed Senate 36
Russell J. FinleyNot Filed Assembly 116
Jim FourattNot Filed Assembly 66
Sabine French Not Filed Assembly 33
Linda Guillebeaux Not Filed Assembly 29
Berneda Jackson Not Filed Assembly 55
Victor A. Jordan Not Filed Assembly 42
Janelle M. KingNot Filed Assembly 85
Henry LallaveNot Filed Assembly 51
Don LeeNot Filed Assembly 65
Nigel LonckeNot Filed Assembly 31
Noel LopezNot Filed Assembly 82
Luana G. Malavolta Not Filed Assembly 78
Stephen MarescaWithdrawn from ballot Assembly 49
Nicholas MarriccoNot Filed Assembly 80
Giovanni A. MataNot Filed Assembly 6
Darlene MealyNot Filed Assembly 55
William R. MooreNot Filed Assembly 85
Edward A. MulraineNot Filed Senate 36
Jackson Muratori Strong                Not Filed Assembly 84
Anthony P. NunziatoNot Filed Assembly 30
Alvin Ponder Not Filed Senate 36
Elliot Quinones Not Filed Senate 32
Menachem M. Raitport Not Filed Senate 20
Hector RamirezNot Filed Assembly 86
Miriam  M. Rodriguez Not Filed Assembly 40
Mamie Rose Not Filed Senate 25
Danielle M. RotoloNot Filed Assembly 140
William J. SheridanFiled 9/19/16 Assembly 116
Cornelius Todd SmithNot Filed Assembly 18
Vanessa StanbackNot Filed Assembly 71
Pamela Stewart Martinez Not Filed Assembly 87
Heather TarrantNot Filed Assembly 70
John ToroNot Filed Senate 31
Joseph Torres    Not Filed Assembly 105
Mikhail Usher    Not Filed   Assembly 46
Goldy-Francois WellingtonNot Filed Assembly 33
Matthew WilliamsNot Filed Assembly 42
Jordan K. Wilson, Jr.Not Filed Assembly 11

2015 Delinquent Filings

2014 Delinquent Filings

2012 Delinquent Filings

To see the filing requirements for Candidates for State offices please see Public Officers Law §73-A.