Candidates' Delinquent Filings

Candidates for statewide elected office and the Legislature are required, pursuant to Public Officers Law § 73-a(2)(a), to file a Statement of Financial Disclosure ("FDS") with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics ("JCOPE") or the Legislative Ethics Commission ("LEC"), respectively. All FDS filings are due to JCOPE or LEC within 10 days of becoming a candidate. Based on a review of information compiled by the LEC and JCOPE, the following candidates have failed to file a statutorily-required FDS.

2015 Delinquent Filings

NameStatusOffice SoughtDistrict
Diana C. RichardsonFiled 4/30/15 Assembly43
Elias WeirFiled 11/16/15 Assembly19

2014 Delinquent Filings

2012 Delinquent Filings

To see the filing requirements for Candidates for State offices please see Public Officers Law §73-A.