Candidates' Delinquent Filings

Public Officers Law § 73-a(2)(a)(iii)-(vii) requires that candidates for statewide elected office or for member of the Legislature file, within ten days of becoming a candidate, an annual statement of financial disclosure ("FDS") with the Legislative Ethics Committee ("LEC"). LEC forwards the candidate's FDS filings to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics ("JCOPE").

2012 Delinquent Filings

NameStatusOffice SoughtDistrict
Mr. Jonathan H. AndersonNotice of Delinquency Assembly 055
Mr. Norman AshenbergNotice of Delinquency Assembly 042
Mr. Adam BermudezNotice of Delinquency Assembly 080
Mr. Rodneyse BichotteNotice of Delinquency
Filed: 6/19/2013
Assembly 041
Mr. Nathan BradleyFiled: 10/04/2012 Assembly 055
Mr. David B. CasavisNotice of Delinquency Assembly 073
Mr. Wave ChanFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 065
Mr. Matthew C. ChapmanNotice of DelinquencySenate 029
Ms. Yen S. ChouFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 040
Mr. Theodore J. DanzFiled: 9/07/2012 Assembly 109
Mr. Gregory L. DavisNotice of Delinquency Senate 60
Mr. Nicholas F. DeeganNotice of Delinquency
Filed: 7/1/2013
Assembly 002
Mr. David J. DiPietroFiled: 10/09/2012 Assembly 148
Mr. Michael F. DonnellyNotice of Delinquency Senate 52
Mr. Joseph DujmicFiled: 8/29/2012 Assembly 010
Mr. Christopher J. DurosinmiNotice of Delinquency
Filed: 6/20/2013
Assembly 055
Mr. Mark Escoffery-BeyNotice of Delinquency Senate 29
Mr. Hector FelicianoNotice of Delinquency
Filed: 5/21/13
Senate 029
Mr. Daniel FigueroaNotice of Delinquency Assembly 087
Mr. Edwin FigueroaNotice of Delinquency Assembly 057
Mr. Michael E. Freeman-SaulsberreNotice of Delinquency Senate 018
Mr. Timothy S. FureyNotice of Delinquency Assembly 026
Mr. Ritchie GarciaNotice of Delinquency Assembly 053
Mr. William A. GerardNotice of Delinquency Assembly 098
Mr. Thomas M. GrecoNotice of Delinquency Senate 027
Mr. Joseph HayonFiled: 9/05/2012 Assembly 041
Mr. Edward J. HennesseyFiled: 9/07/2012 Assembly 003
Mr. Anthony L. HerbertFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 055
Mr. Derek JavaWithdrawn from Ballot Assembly 114
Mr. Ernest JohnsonNotice of Delinquency Senate 019
Mr. Matthew T. KatchmarWithdrawn from Ballot Assembly 096
Ms. Janelle KingFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 085
Mr. Henry LallaveNotice of Delinquency Assembly 051
Mr. Zacary LarecheNotice of Delinquency Assembly 042
Mr. Mark LevineNotice of Delinquency Senate 031
Mr. Bilal MalikNotice of Delinquency Assembly 055
Mr. John M. MancusoFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 064
Mr. Patrick ManningNotice of Delinquency Assembly 105
Mr. Joseph MartinezNotice of Delinquency Senate 029
Mr. Joseph A. MasciaNotice of Delinquency Assembly 149
Mr. Elton E. McCabeNotice of Delinquency Assembly 018
Ms. Carolyn McLaughlinFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 108th
Mr. David R. MillerNotice of Delinquency Assembly 055
Mr. Kafahni NkrumahNotice of Delinquency
Filed: 5/30/13
Senate 032
Mr. Guillermo E. PhilpottsNotice of Delinquency Senate 020
Mr. Maximino RiveraNotice of Delinquency Assembly 084
Mr. Juan C. RodriguezNotice of Delinquency Assembly 054
Mr. John N. ScandaliosFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 040
Mr. Gregory A. ScicchitanoWithdrawn from Ballot Assembly 128
Mr. Egidio SementilliNotice of Delinquency Assembly 082
Mr. Brian J. SiklinskiNotice of Delinquency Senate 60
Ms. Nicole J. TorresNotice of Delinquency Assembly 080
Mr. Dion T. TurnerNotice of Delinquency Assembly 055
Mr. Ruben D. VargasNotice of Delinquency Assembly 072
Mr. Milagros VicenteFiled: 9/04/2012Assembly 022
Mr. Gregory M. VinalNotice of Delinquency Assembly 146
Mr. Francis J. VoytickyFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 057
Mr. Kenneth WaluynFiled: 9/04/2012 Assembly 060
Mr. Richard C. WagerFiled: 8/31/2012 Assembly 105
Mr. Elias J. WeirFiled: 9/04/2012 Senate 019
Mr. Michael K. ZumbluskasFiled: 8/30/2012 Assembly 076

To see the filing requirements for Candidates for Statewide Office please see Public Officers Law §73-A.