Candidates' Delinquent Filings

Public Officers Law § 73-a(2)(a)(iii)-(vii) requires that candidates for statewide elected office or for member of the Legislature file, within ten days of becoming a candidate, an annual statement of financial disclosure ("FDS") with the Legislative Ethics Committee ("LEC"). LEC forwards the candidate's FDS filings to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics ("JCOPE").

2014 Delinquent Filings

NameStatusOffice SoughtDistrict
Ms. Michele N. AdolpheNot Filed Assembly 42
Mr. Garnsey AlstonFiled: 8/25/14 Assembly 56
Mr. George A. AlvarezNot Filed Assembly 79
Mr. Jonathan H. AndersonNot Filed Senate 18
Mr. Roy AntoineNot Filed Assembly 55
Mr. Kevin BarrettNot Filed Senate 29
Mr. Rodneyse BichotteFiled: 11/12/2014 Assembly 42
Mr. Herbert BingerNot Filed Senate 10
Ms. Everly BrownNot FiledSenate 10
Mr. Ronnie CabreraFiled 8/19/14 Assembly 72
Mr. David B. CasavisFiled: 9/2/14 Assembly 73
Mr. Manny CavacoNot Filed Senate 26
Mr. Wave ChanNot Filed Senate 26
Ms. Olivia ChenNot Filed Assembly 83
Mr. Gus ChristensenFiled: 8/23/14 Assembly 76
Mr. Jonathan C. ClarkFiled: 8/19/14 Assembly 17
Mr. Randy CredicoFiled 9/19/14 Governor
Mr. Brian J. De SesaFiled: 8/15/14 Assembly 1
Mr. Michael DennisNot Filed Assembly 87
Mr. Christopher J. DurosinmiNot Filed Assembly 55
Mr. Robert Lopez FotiNot Filed Senate 35
Mr. Joseph L. FritzNot Filed Senate 3
Mr. Carl GottsteinNot Filed Assembly 108
Mr. Ed A. HartzogFiled: 8/26/14 Assembly 76
Mr. Sean K. HenryNot Filed Senate 19
Mr. John S. HumphreyNot Filed Assembly 116
Mr. Walter N. IwachiwNot Filed Assembly 37
Ms. Lanita JonesNot Filed Assembly 79
Mr. Victor A. JordanNot Filed Assembly 42
Ms. Janelle M. KingNot Filed Assembly 85
Mr. Henry LallaveNot Filed Assembly 49
Ms. Evelin LausellNot Filed Senate 19
Mr. Demetrius S. LawrenceNot Filed Senate 20
Mr. Stamatis LilikakisFiled: 8/18/14 Assembly 46
Mr. De Jun "David" LiuNot Filed Assembly 47
Mr. Verdell MackNot Filed Assembly 77
Mr. Bilal MalikNot Filed Assembly 55
Mr. Giovanni A. MataNot Filed Assembly 6
Mr. David J. MenegonFiled: 8/26/14 Assembly 76
Mr. Aleksander MiciFiled: 8/18/14 Senate 34
Mr. Leon B. MilesNot Filed Senate 19
Mr. David R. MillerNot Filed Assembly 55
Mr. Angel D. MolinaFiled: 8/20/14 Assembly 84
Mr. William R. MooreFiled: 8/22/14 Assembly 85
Ms. Noni MooreNot Filed Assembly 70
Mr. Dennis R. NawojskiNot Filed Senate 63
Mr. Anthony P. NunziatoNot Filed Assembly 30
Mr. Franklin C. OlehNot Filed Assembly 84
Mr. Jeffrey J. PeressFiled: 8/19/14 Assembly 13
Mr. Guillermo E. PhilpottsNot Filed Senate 20
Ms. Madonna M. PrioreNot Filed Senate 63
Mr. Eliseo Elliot QuinonesFiled: 8/15/14 Senate 32
Mr. Hector R. RamirezFiled: 8/19/14 Assembly 86
Mr. Frederick RicksNot Filed Assembly 79
Mr. Raul RodriguezNot Filed Assembly 79
Ms. Bianca RojasNot Filed Assembly 85
Mr. Anthony SenftNot Filed Senate 3
Mr. Cornelius T. SmithNot Filed Assembly 18
Mr. Lawrence SpeiserNot Filed Assembly 149
Mr. Steven M. SternNot Filed Senate 33
Mr. Russ ThompsonNot Filed Senate 60
Mr. James TillmonNot Filed Assembly 60
Mr. Joseph TorresFiled: 8/26/14 Assembly 105
Mr. L. Rickie TullochNot Filed Assembly 42
Ms. Mikhail UsherNot Filed Assembly 45
Mr. Ruben D. VargasNot Filed Senate 30
Ms. Latrice M. WalkerFiled: 12/15/14 Assembly 55
Mr. Aron WeiderFiled: 8/14/14 Assembly 98
Mr. Elias J. WierFiled: 8/18/14 Senate 19
Ms. Nekeshia WoodsNot Filed Assembly 66
Mr. David B. WrightNot Filed Senate 5
Mr. Sura YusimNot Filed Assembly 41
Mr. Mikhail YusupovNot Filed Assembly 44
Mr. Michael ZumbluskasFiled: 9/3/14 Senate 28

2012 Delinquent Filings

To see the filing requirements for Candidates for State offices please see Public Officers Law §73-A.