Attendees of the March 8th & March 15th, 2013, Roundtable Discussions

Topics Discussed:

The March 8th and 15th roundtables in Albany and New York City focused on the Source of Funding disclosure regulations and Reportable Business Relationship disclosure guidelines, and their application by lobbyists and clients.

Discussion on the Reportable Business Relationship disclosure focused primarily on the application of the term "client" in the guidelines and its inclusion of proprietors, partners, directors, or executive management, and the level of due diligence required to determine when lobbyists or clients, particularly organizations with large boards and complex management structures, can meet the "know or has reason to know" standard.

Discussion on Source of Funding focused on which contributions needed to be disclosed under the regulations and the application of the "amount of contribution" formula to a lobbyist's or client's revenue sources. There was also concern raised about how best to comply with the disclosure requirements in filings due before a lobbyist's or client' audited financial statement is complete.

Also, attendees and staff discussed options for increasing transparency when the Source of Funding for an organization ends up being a related or affiliated organization that is not required to reveal its sources of funding.

Kyle ChristiansenBogdan Lasky & Frazier
Len PrazychNE Govern. Consulting
Ken PokalskyBusiness Council of NYS
Mark GlaserGreenburg Traurig
Maria MaloneyGreenburg Traurig
Cindy NaclerioHarris Beach Pllc
Mitchell PawlukHarris Beach Pllc
Theresa RussoWilson, Elser Moskowitz
Melissa CurradoNYCON
Tim SheridanCapitol Group
Bill StraukBusiness Council of NYS
Denise Wagner FurmanLaw office of Denise Wagner Furman
Jefrey J. HunterAttorney at Law
Meg LouisWNET
Bridget LawlessWard & Lawless, LLC
Alexandra MegarisVenable, LLP
Kelly WilliamsBrennan Center
Steve FarkasColleran Ohara & Mills, LLC
Marcia IsaacsonCUNY
Joan WatersCUNY