Attendees of the April 4th & April 5th, 2013, Roundtable Discussions

Topics Discussed:

The April 4th and 5th roundtables in Albany and New York City focused on the Commission's drafting of proposed regulations regarding gifts, travel reimbursement, honoraria and public service announcements. Members from the regulated community provided numerous comments and suggestions on the proposed regulations. The main issues discussed were: the definition of gift; whether a dollar value should be assigned to the term "Nominal Value"; the definition of Interested Source in the proposed gift regulations; the scope of the enumerated statutory exceptions to gifts; the scope and nature of the proposed regulations on public service announcements; and various matters related to the receipt of honoraria.

Tom ReganEmpire State Development
Valerie FriedlanderNYS Division of Criminal Justice
Thomas GoetzNYS Department of Corrections
Thomas DonohueState Liquor Authority
Eileen ZibellOPWDD
Julie BarkerNYS Gaming Commission
John AmodeoNYS Office of the Attorney General
Pauline RossNYS Office of the Attorney General
Chad LoshbaughDeputy Commissioner of Admin
Alison BianchiNYSEd - Ethics Officer
Kathy MarinelliNYSEd - Senior Attorney
Steve HoganNYS Police
Michele RealeOGS Legal Services
David QuinnPERB
Mary MortonEmpire State College
Mark GlaserGreenberg Traurig
Joshua OppenheimerGreenberg Traurig
Diane KennedyNYS News Publishers Association
Denise Wagner FurmanLaw Offices of Denise Furman
Ken PokalskyThe Business Council
Cindy NaclerioHarris Beach
Mark YavornitzkiGR Initiatives, LLC
Lori A. GreenoughElks Street Group
Diana GeorgiaElks Street Group
Len PrazychNortheast Government Consulting
Siobhan McGrathNY Capitol Consultants
Mitch PawlukHarris Beach
Joan SullivanHarris Beach
Emily WhalanNYS Broadcasters Association
Andrew MaroccoDKC Government Affairs
Rachael FaussCitizens Union
April HortonVerizon - State Government Affairs
Patrick LespinasseVerizon - State Government Affairs
Natalie DenneryEmpire State Development
Laura ImperialeTully Construction Co., Inc.
Raemel PascualManhattan Psychiatric Center
Michele WeinstatNYS Homes & Community
Lisa WagerFIT
Steven BibsFIT
Alexandra MegarisVenable, LLP
Joan WatersOffice of the General Council
Kevin JonesThe Woolworth Building
Carl CoperinoNYC Transit Authority
Ted BaecherCable Systems Corporation
Andrew RoffeThe Roffe Group
Lamond W. KearseMetropolitan Transportation Authority