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Financial Disclosure Statements

State financial disclosure statements are due to be filed with the Joint Commission by May 15. Under law, members of the Legislature must first file with the Legislative Ethics Commission which then has through June 30 to turn them over to the Joint Commission for public disclosure.

Financial Disclosure Statements of Elected Officials are available on the website. View Elected Officials' Financial Disclosures here.

Financial Disclosure Statements of other state officials and employees are available on request. To request a financial disclosure statement, please see our Commission regulations for access to publicly available records and electronic records request form.

Candidates' Delinquent Filings

Pursuant to Public Officers Law § 73-a(2)(d), JCOPE must identify and post on its website a list of candidates who have not timely filed. Accordingly, posted below is the list of candidates who have failed to timely file their required FDS filings. This list will be updated periodically.

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