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Ethics Training
Changing the Culture of Ethics

Executive Law § 94 and Legislative Law Article 1-A ("Lobbying Act") created provisions that require mandatory ethics trainings for State officers and employees as well as registered Lobbyists.  Ethics laws can be difficult to navigate and the JCOPE Education Team is committed to providing online and live instructor-led trainings that are created using plain language terms and concepts that:

  • are easy to understand;
  • provide real world examples;
  • emphasize the importance of fostering ethical decision-making;
Learning About Comprehensive Lobbying Regulations
Lobbying Overview Training
The Commission will be hosting a Lobbying Overview Training session for Lobbyists, Clients of Lobbyists, Public Corporations, and other interested parties regarding the Commission's comprehensive lobbying regulations, which go into effect January 1, 2019. At this training, members of the lobbying community will be given the opportunity to explore and learn more about key elements of the new regulations.

Courses for State Employees Mandated Ethics Training Requirements for Financial Disclosure Statement Filers

The Ethics Seminar is an ongoing training requirement for FDS filers who have already successfully completed the CETC and are required to continue their mandatory ethics training requirements.

Mandated Ethics Training Requirement for Registered Lobbyists
Ethics for Lobbyists
Legislative Law Article 1-A (the “Lobbying Act”), requires principal and additional lobbyists registered with JCOPE to complete a mandatory online ethics training. Subject matter includes information provided in the Lobbying Act, the Public Officers Law, JCOPE regulations and advisory opinions, and the Election Law. The training also includes best practices for meeting the various statutory requirements.
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Train-the-Trainer for Ethics Officers

Ethics officers or their designees have the ability and the convenience to train their own required FDS filers.  The JCOPE Education Team has provided everything you need to get started and begin scheduling your own training sessions at your respective agency.  

Register for Training at JCOPE

FDS filers can easily sign up for training using our online enrollment request form.  Attendees may attend live training sessions at JCOPE's Albany, Manhattan, or Buffalo office.  Continuing Legal Education credits are available for State-employed attorneys.