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Education and Training

Discover JCOPE's training program and resources.
Core Function of JCOPE
Education and Training

The JCOPE Education Team is responsible for creating and disseminating educational content to assist more than 200,000 State employees and thousands of lobbyists and clients required to publicly disclose their efforts to influence government decision-making. 

Commitment to Plain Language

Information is written in plain language to better assist our varied stakeholders in navigating the State's ethics laws and Lobbying Act. The Education Team also provides recordings of our live ethics forums and train-the-trainer resources to assist Ethics Officers in their agency roles.

Resources Available

Informational publications geared towards the State workforce and Lobbyists and Clients. Providing mandatory ethics training for State officers and employees who must file an Annual Statement of Financial Disclosure and for registered lobbyists.   

Mandated Ethics Training Course Offerings for Financial Disclosure Statement Filers

The Ethics Seminar is an ongoing training requirement for FDS filers who have already successfully completed the CETC and are required to continue their mandatory ethics training requirements.

Information regarding the mandatory ethics training requirement for individuals who file Annual Statements of Financial Disclosure and serve in Political Party Chair positions on the State and local level.

Informational Centers Resource Materials for State Employees and the Lobbying Community