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Ethics Laws and Regulations

Links to certain laws under the Commission's jurisdiction and related regulations.


This section includes the laws that govern the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, as well as all of the ethics laws that impact State officers and employees, statewide elected officials and candidates for those offices; members of and candidates for the Legislature; and certain political party chairs.  Subject areas covered in the ethics laws includes conflicts of interest, restrictions on the activities of current and former State employees, restrictions on the acceptance of gifts. and the rules that apply after someone leaves State service.  Applicable regulations in varied subject matter areas are also included on this page.  

Governing Laws

Ethics Laws


    Public Officers Law § 73

    This law refers to restrictions on the business or professional activities of current and former State officers and employees and political party chairs.




    Public Officers Law § 73-a

    Public Officers Law Section 73-a includes information on who is require to file a FDS, the questions to be answered on a Financial Disclosure Statement, penalties for violating the section, and how to apply for filing exemptions or deletions. 



Ethics Regulations


    19 NYCRR Part 932 - Outside Activities

    Regulation on the approval process for State officers and employees designated as policy makers to pursue outside employment or memberships in boards and other related activities other than their full time State employment.  



Adjudication and Appeals


    19 NYCRR Part 941 - Adjudicatory Proceedings and Appeals Process (2022 Revisions)

    These regulations were amended through an Emergency Adoption on January 25, 2022 and are in effect from January 25, 2022 to April 25, 2022. An additional Emergency Adoption was submitted on April 25, 2022, which now makes these regulations effective until June 24, 2022. Revisions increase transparency regarding agency operations and the status of long-standing investigations.  Among other things, they provide for expanded notification and disclosure to various parties, including the complainant, subject, witnesses, and others as appropriate, when the Commission takes action on a matter.  In addition, the revisions provide that the Commission may disclose confidential information, and staff may make certain general public statements, concerning investigative matters when it is in the public interest to do so.  Moreover, the regulatory amendments provide for additional investigative information to be released on a regular basis on the Commission’s website or in the Commission’s annual report, as appropriate. (Posted 1/28/2022)



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