Ethics for Lobbyists Training

What is Ethics for Lobbyists

Legislative Law Article 1-A (the “Lobbying Act”), requires principal and additional lobbyists registered with JCOPE to complete a mandatory online ethics training.  Ethics for Lobbyists takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and can be accessed from any personal computer with an internet connection. (At this time, Ethics for Lobbyists is not compatible with the Safari internet browser or mobile devices.)

Subject matter includes information provided in the Lobbying Act, the Public Officers Law, JCOPE regulations and advisory opinions, and the Election Law. The training also includes best practices for meeting the various statutory requirements.

Who must complete Ethics for Lobbyists?

Pursuant to Lobbying Act § 1-d(h), all Lobbyists are required to complete an online ethics training, Ethics for Lobbyists, once every three years in accordance with the following:  

  • Complete the training within 60 days of the initial registration;
  • Complete the training within three years of the date the Lobbyist first or subsequently completed the training, if such Lobbyist is still registered to lobby at such time; and/or,
  • If there is a lapse in a Lobbyist's registration, complete the training again within 60 days of re-registration to lobby or three years from the date such Lobbyist last completed the training, whichever is later. 

Getting Started: First time users

Creating an account in SLMS

Every principal and additional Lobbyist required to complete mandated training must create an account to access the Statewide Learning Management System ("SLMS"). 

SLMS requires a username (your e-mail address) and password to access the online training. If you are registering with SLMS for the first time, your temporary password is welcome1 (all lower case).



Disable your internet browser pop-up blocker prior to completing the following steps! Instructions to disable your internet pop-up blocker are available on the “account request” page.
  1. First time users click here to access the “Account Request” page. You only need to register an account once; please retain your login credentials for future use.
  2. You will be redirected to an “External User Registration” page in SLMS. Select “JCOPE” as the agency for which you are registering for access.
  3. Click the “Submit Information” button to access Ethics for Lobbyists.
  4. From the “My Learning” page, click “Launch.”
  5. From the “Table of Contents” page, click “Launch.”
  6. The training will open in a separate window. If the training does not load, please make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
  7. At the “Thank you” page click the “X” icon on the top right corner to receive credit.
  8. At the “Table of Contents” page in SLMS, click the “Return to Class Progress” link to record your completion.
  9. Return to the “My Learning” page to print your Certificate of Completion.
Technical Difficulties while enrolling in SLMS

In the event you experience a disruption while completing the course, return to and sign in with the username and password emailed to you. If you forget your password, utilize the password reset feature.

If you experience technical difficulties during the account request set up or enrollment process, please contact the SLMS help desk at (518) 473-8087 M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., or request help via email at

Printable Enrollment Instructions for first time users


    Ethics for Lobbyists - First time users enrollment instructions

    Instructions to assist those required to take the "Ethics for Lobbyists" online training course by enrolling in the JCOPE "Account Request" page in the Statewide Learning Management System ("SLMS").  This document is not meant to assist those who have successfully completed the course and are required to retake the course to remain in compliance.  Revised 11/28/18



Getting Started: Returning Users

Returning users:  Do not attempt to access the course from the “ACCOUNT REQUEST” page!
  1. Log in to your account at using your username (e-mail address) and password. 
  2. Click the “Statewide Learning Management” option.
  3. Under the “Quick Links” heading, click the “My Learning” link.
  4. The Ethics for Lobbyist course will be listed.
How to re-enroll with a "completed" status
  1. Type “Ethics for Lobbyists” in the search box in the blue shaded section at the top of the page and hit the Enter key.
  2. Click the link: Learning: JCOPE Ethics for Lobbyists | Course Code: JCOPE_EL | Class: JCOPE_EL.
  3. Click the “Enroll” button near the bottom left of the page.
  4. Click “Submit Enrollment” (Ignore the alert/warning providing your last date of completion).
  5. Click “Learning Home.”
  6. Under the Quick Links heading, click the “My Learning” link.
  7. The new Ethics for lobbyist course will appear, listing your status as Enrolled. Click the “Launch” button to view the course.
  8. When you are done reviewing the course, click the “X” icon on the last page to receive credit.
  9. At the “Table of Contents” page in SLMS, click the “Return to Class Progress” link to record your completion.
  10. Return to the “My Learning” page to print your Certificate of Completion.


Printable Re-enrollment Instructions

Certificates of Completion

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an email notification of your completion status. JCOPE maintains a record of your training completion; however, you may print and retain a Certificate of Completion by following the instructions below:

  1. When you reach the “Thank You” page, you have completed Ethics for Lobbyists. Ensure you have closed out of the course using the “X” icon in the upper right corner of this page. You will be directed to the "Table of Contents" page within SLMS.
  2. Click "Return to Class Progress."
  3. Click "Sign Out" located at the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  4. From the "Quick Links" link on upper left corner of screen, select option for "My Learning".
  5. At the "My Learning" page, click the "Print Certificate" button and retain this certificate for your records.

Troubleshooting SLMS

  • If you are unable to find your lobbyist organization in the registration/enrollment step, search for and select "other lobbyist" (Org ID 22286).
  • If you do not receive an email confirming your account user name and password, you should reset your password by going to the site, click “forgot your password” and follow those instructions.
  • If clicking the "X" icon does not close the window and return you to the Table of Contents screen in SLMS, manually close the training window and return to the Table of Contents page. It will show your status as "in progress" until clicking the "X" registers in the system. You will need to relaunch the course - simply navigate to the last page and try clicking the "X" on the last page of the course again.
  • If you are a returning lobbyist who has changed lobbying firms and the email address you initially registered with is no longer valid, please follow instructions for first-time users.

If you experience technical difficulties with the Statewide Learning Management System, please contact the SLMS help desk at (518) 473-8087 M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., or request help via email at

Enrollment Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet

Contact JCOPE Education Team

Contact the JCOPE Education team for information regarding the mandatory ethics training requirements for State employees, and individuals registered as lobbyists.  

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