Financial Disclosure Statements of Elected Officials

Financial disclosures of statewide elected officials, members of the Assembly, and Senators.

State financial disclosure statements are due to be filed with the Joint Commission by May 15. Under law, members of the Legislature must first file with the Legislative Ethics Commission which then has through June 30 to turn them over to the Joint Commission for public disclosure.

Table 1 - Use this table for categories of value of gifts (Ques. 9), non-state income (13), deferred income (14), and assignments of income (15).

Table 2 - Use this table for categories of value of contracts with state or local agencies (Ques. 6), interests in trusts - including retirement accounts (11), securities (16), real estate (17), receivables and other notes owed to the filer (18), and liabilities owed by the filer (19).