Scales of justice, gavel and an open law book


View JCOPE's laws and regulations.
Jurisdiction and Authority
Governing Laws
Executive Law § 94

Learn how Commission members are appointed, the various functions of JCOPE, and how the investigative process works. 

Legislative Law § 80

Learn about the law that governs ethics issues relating to the legislative branch.

Laws under JCOPE

Advice and Guidance
Advisory Opinions

View formal advisory opinions issued by JCOPE and its predecessor agencies.

JCOPE Guide on Ethics & Lobbying Laws

JCOPE has published a guide intended to serve as a reference volume for legal practitioners and researchers and to provide extensive background on ethics and lobbying laws in New York. 

Proposed Regulations, Guidance, and Amendments
Proposed Regulations and Guidance

JCOPE currently has several proposed regulations and guidance documents under consideration and subject to public comment.

Legislative Proposals

The proposals have been generated by Commission staff to facilitate discussion and public engagement.  The Commission has not endorsed or approved any of the following proposed legislative amendments.   All proposals are subject to Commission approval and may be subsequently amended or withdrawn.