Lobbying Bi-Monthly and Disbursement of Public Monies Reports

Lobbying Bi-Monthly and Disbursement of Public Monies Reports

Bi-Monthly Reports

The Lobbying Act states that any Lobbyist required to file a Statement of Registration for any Client in a biennial period must also file Bi-monthly Reports, regardless of Compensation, Expenses, or Lobbying Activity. This must be done even if no Compensation or Expenses have been paid or incurred; in those situations the Compensation and/or Expense fields should be completed with zeros for the relevant period. 

NOTE: There is NO minimum activity or expenditure threshold requirement for filing any Bi-monthly Report. Consequently, a Bi-monthly Report is required to be field regardless of whether Compensation and Expenses were incurred, received, or expended, or Lobbying Activity was engaged in during the two months covered by the Bi-monthly Report. If the relationship between the Lobbying and Client has terminated, both parties are required to file all required reports by their statutory due dates, reporting all Lobbying Activity up to the effective date of termination. 

Bi-Monthly Filing Instructions

Help-on-Demand Bi-Monthly Report Videos

This video series includes instructions for users on how to file a Lobbyist Bi-Monthly Report, Public Corporation Bi-Monthly Report, and a Disbursement of Public Monies Report. For more information, refer to the written instructions relevant to your situation in the section above.

Lobbyist Bi-Monthly Reports


Filing Public Corporation Bi-Monthly Reports

Filing Disbursement of Public Monies Reports

Bi-Monthly/Disbursement of Public Monies Report Forms


    Parties Lobbied for 2019_2020 Filings

    This list provides information for Filers to about specific parties they are lobbying or intend to lobby with regard to the subjects/issues they intend to be or are lobbying on at any given time. The list provides information for both the State and local/municipal level.  Revised 3/8/2019



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