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    FAQs: 2016 Source of Funding Amendments

    Lobbyists (who lobby on their own behalf) and Clients, who devote substantial resources to Lobbying activity in NYS, are required to make publicly available each Source of Funding over a certain limit for such lobbying.




    FAQs: Land use and Lobbying for Engineers and Architects

    Engineers and architects are routinely involved in land use, building construction, and planning activities which may include interactions with public officials. Depending on the nature of the interaction with a public official, there can also be registration and reporting obligations under the Lobbying Act. The information contained in this document should be used as a starting point for any analysis under the Lobbying Act, and does not carry the force of law. 



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Contact the JCOPE Education team for information regarding the mandatory ethics training requirements for State employees, and individuals registered as lobbyists.  

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