Lobbying Online Filing Systems
Getting Started
Accessing the new JCOPE Lobbying Application
JCOPE Enrollment Link

Individuals logging into the new JCOPE Lobbying Application for the first time must use the JCOPE LA enrollment link.    

Returning Users

Individuals who have already logged into the new JCOPE Lobbying Application using the enrollment link must use the direct login link anytime they wish to log back into the system.  DO NOT use the enrollment link more than once.  

Latest news about the new JCOPE Lobbying Application
Existing Filers (Organizations that submitted Filings prior to 2019) should review the 'Duplicate Organization Profile' E-blast prior to claiming an existing Lobbying or Client Organization, and Public Corporation.
Pre-2019 JCOPE Online Filing System
Lobbyist and Client Organizations and Public Corporations that have registered with JCOPE prior to 2019 and need to access the pre-2019 online filing system to view and/or submit filings for the 2017-2018 biennial period (or earlier) must use the link below. PLEASE NOTE - both systems will be in operation for an extended period to allow for older filings to be submitted.