System Maintenance
JCOPE Lobbying Application Availability
Normal maintenance windows for the JCOPE Lobbying Application ("LA") are scheduled, at minimum, for every Wednesday and Friday evening between 7 and 9 p.m., meaning access will be unavailable. Any filings should be saved and/or submitted outside of those time periods.
Hand Delivery of Filings, Audits to Resume
COVID-19 and Lobbying Filings
Starting August 31, 2020, JCOPE will resume accepting hand delivered filings by appointment only. We still encourage filers to mail any checks for filing fees or to consider submitting filings through our online Lobbying Application and using a credit card to pay the submission fee.

In addition, JCOPE will be resuming its Lobbying Random Audit Program. Anyone who was already engaged in that process will be contacted separately.

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Lobbying Overview
What is Lobbying?

Lobbying is an attempt to influence government decision-making. Legislative Law Article 1-A, also known as the “Lobbying Act”, requires the registration and reporting of individuals and organizations that either spend, or anticipate spending, more than the lobbying threshold on efforts to influence certain government activities including legislation, executive orders, regulations, and governmental procurements.

Public Disclosure and the Lobbying Act

JCOPE promotes transparency of lobbying activities through oversight and disclosure of the expenses, compensation, and activities of registered lobbyists and their clients. JCOPE does not limit lobbying efforts.  All lobbying reports required by Legislative Law Article 1-A, known as the “Lobbying Act,” are publicly available filings.

Legislative Declaration

... the operation of responsible democratic government requires that the fullest opportunity be afforded to the people to petition their government for the redress of grievances and to express freely to appropriate officials their opinions on legislation and governmental operations; and that, to preserve and maintain the integrity of the governmental decision-making process in this state, it is necessary that the identity, expenditures and activities of persons and organizations retained, employed or designated to influence the passage or defeat of any publicly and regularly disclosed.

February 5, 2020 Lobbying Overview Training

Lobbying overview and training with a Lobbying Application demonstration.

Filing Information and Requirements
After you have identified your role in the lobbying process (whether as a Lobbyist, Client, or a Public Corporation), you should be aware of the filing and other requirements you will have. Clicking the button below will direct you to information related to forms, filing fees, online filing system, retention requirements, late fees, penalties, and prohibitions applicable to all filers regulated by JCOPE.

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View Publicly Available Lobbying Data

All lobbying reports filed with JCOPE are publicly accessible.

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