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Beginning on May 17, 2022 from 8:00 p.m. – 11:55 p.m., the JCOPE Online Lobbying Application ("LA") is scheduled to participate in the NY.gov account consolidation initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to allow users to merge multiple personal NY.gov accounts into a primary account that requires only a single username and password. More information is provided in the NY.gov Profile Merger Information linked below.
Lobbying Overview
What is Lobbying?

Lobbying is an attempt to influence government decision-making. Legislative Law Article 1-A, also known as the “Lobbying Act”, requires the registration and reporting of individuals and organizations that either spend, or anticipate spending, more than the lobbying threshold on efforts to influence certain government activities including legislation, executive orders, regulations, and governmental procurements.

Public Disclosure and the Lobbying Act

JCOPE promotes transparency of lobbying activities through oversight and disclosure of the expenses, compensation, and activities of registered lobbyists and their clients. JCOPE does not limit lobbying efforts.  All lobbying reports required by Legislative Law Article 1-A, known as the “Lobbying Act,” are publicly available filings.

Legislative Declaration

... the operation of responsible democratic government requires that the fullest opportunity be afforded to the people to petition their government for the redress of grievances and to express freely to appropriate officials their opinions on legislation and governmental operations; and that, to preserve and maintain the integrity of the governmental decision-making process in this state, it is necessary that the identity, expenditures and activities of persons and organizations retained, employed or designated to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation...be publicly and regularly disclosed.

What are you trying to do?
File Online

Connect to the Lobbying Online Filing System to submit required reports.

View Publicly Available Lobbying Data

All lobbying reports filed with JCOPE are publicly accessible.

Filing Information and Requirements
After you have identified your role in the lobbying process (whether as a Lobbyist, Client, or a Public Corporation), you should be aware of the filing and other requirements you will have. Clicking the button below will direct you to information related to forms, filing fees, online filing system, retention requirements, late fees, penalties, and prohibitions applicable to all filers regulated by JCOPE.
Outage Latest
JCOPE Lobbying Application Restored - Posted 3/9/22
The Joint Commission on Public Ethics (“JCOPE”) authorized the State Office of Information Technology Services (“ITS”) to restore the online Lobbying Application (“LA”) and Financial Disclosure Statement (“FDS”) systems on March 9, 2022. The target of this cybersecurity incident, the pre-2019 legacy online lobbying filing system, will remain offline until further notice. Data from the legacy online filing system will also not be available until further notice.

Any filings due between February 17 and March 9 will be automatically granted an extension to March 31. Additionally, the March 15 lobbying bi-monthly report deadline is also extended to March 31.

The information security officials at ITS have completed their forensic review process, which attempts to retrace the malicious activity step-by-step. Although no direct or circumstantial evidence of any unauthorized access of user data or credit card information has been found, any evidence or other indication suggesting unlawful use of user information will be handled in accordance with state cyber-security laws.

JCOPE will continue to work with other state agencies, including the Office of the Attorney General and the Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection, to ensure that any affected users are contacted and all legal obligations are met.
Hand Delivery of Filings
COVID-19 and Lobbying Filings
JCOPE is currently accepting hand delivered filings by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact our Reception desk at (518) 408-3976 or [email protected] We encourage filers to mail any checks for filing fees or to consider submitting filings through our online Lobbying Application and using a credit card to pay the submission fee.

Local Lobbying and the Lobbying Act: An Examination of Lobbying Laws on Land Use

JCOPE New York Law School Fall 2021 CLE Conference

On December 2, 2021, the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics and the Center for City Law at New York Law School presented a virtual CLE panel, ""Local Lobbying and the Lobbying Act: An Examination of Lobbying Laws on Land Use", to examine the application of the New York State Lobbying Act and local lobbying laws to land use with a particular focus on: what constitutes lobbying, what triggers reportable lobbying, and what factors should be considered when analyzing lobbying laws in the land use context.

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