March 20, 2018

JCOPE Letter to Sen. DeFrancisco

JCOPE Letter to Sen. DeFrancisco

                                                                        March 19, 2018


Honorable John A. DeFrancisco

New York State Senate

The Capitol

Room 416

Albany, New York 12247                                                                                                                     

Dear Senator DeFrancisco:

On behalf of myself and every member of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, I write in response to your letter dated today, March 19, 2018.

The members of this Commission have the utmost confidence in Executive Director Seth Agata, and remain fully committed to his serving in this role.  He has demonstrated the highest integrity, and his reputation for professionalism is well-earned.  

All Commission staff and Commissioners are subject to a recusal policy, which can be found on our website and has been in place since the Commission’s inception. Mr. Agata has adhered to this policy.  He has recused himself at all relevant times from any and all matters in which he had any involvement during his period of employment in the Executive Chamber.

Finally, as you are aware, the Commission operates under a strict confidentiality statute. The Commission does not, and will not, discuss anything that is or may be the subject of an investigation. Thus, whether or not an investigation occurs is not public information by law, and to reveal any such information contrary to law carries criminal penalties. It is only upon the issuance of a Substantial Basis Investigation Report that any investigative matters are made public. The Commission will continue to follow the law as written. 



Michael K. Rozen

Chair, New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics