JCOPE Posts 2020 Financial Disclosure Statements for Statewide Elected Officials
Filings of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller Can Be Viewed Online

The New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics (“Commission”) today announced that it has posted the 2020 Annual Statements of Financial Disclosure (“FDS”) of the Statewide elected officials who were in office as of the statutory May 15 filing deadline.

By law, those disclosures are required to be posted to the Commission’s website at https://jcope.ny.gov/financial-disclosure-statements-elected-officials. Most disclosures are due to the Commission by May 15 each year, except when that day falls on a weekend; this year’s filings were due May 17. The disclosures for members of the Legislature and legislative staff were also due May 17, but those are first submitted to the Legislative Ethics Commission (“LEC”) and then turned over to the Commission by late June for public disclosure and posting to the Commission’s website. Another notification release will be issued at that time.

In addition, the financial disclosure statements of the following are available upon request:

  • State officials and employees who are required to file because they have been determined by their agency to be a policymaker or because they earn an annual salary that is equivalent to a CSEA SG-24 job rate (currently ($101,379);
  • Legislative employees who have been determined to be policymakers or who earn above the CSEA SG-24 job rate;
  • Candidates for the four Statewide elected offices; and,
  • Candidates for the Legislature

Those requests can be made by going to https://jcope.ny.gov/records_request and submitting the fillable form.

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