Online Ethics Orientation ("OEO")


The OEO is an online ethics course available via the Statewide Learning Management System ("SLMS").  The OEO provides a brief overview of the following subject areas:

  • JCOPE Overview: General information about the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics ("JCOPE")

  • Chapter 1:  Public Officers Law §73-a: Familiarize yourself with the requirements for filing an annual Financial Disclosure Statement and mandated ethics training.  

  • Chapter 2:  Public Officers Law §74: Understand the general ethical standards of conduct that apply to all State Officers and Employees.

  • Chapter 3:  Public Officers Law §73: Topics include restrictions and procedures related to outside employment and professional activities, political activities, nepotism, gifts, honoraria, travel, and job opportunities after separation from State service.  

  • Chapter 4:  Civil Service Law §107:  Also known as the "Little Hatch Act," this law places restrictions on certain political activities in the work place.

Who is required to complete the OEO?

State officers and employees who are required to file an Annual Statement of Financial Disclosure ("FDS") must complete the Online Ethics Orientation ("OEO") within three months of becoming subject to the FDS filing requirement, unless they attend the CETC within that time. See Executive Law §94(10)(b).  

Filers who are designated as policy-makers, academic filers, or threshold filers are all required to take the OEO. FDS Filers that are exempted from the requirement to file an FDS are not required to take the OEO.  

Statewide Learning Management System

Access to this course is limited to those State agencies that grant employee access to SLMS. While many State agencies automatically grant access to SLMS for their staff, not all agencies do. This course is not available to those who access SLMS as an "External User."

If your organization does not have access to SLMS, new filers will need to attend a session of the CETC within the first three months after becoming a filer. Once you attend a CETC class, you do not need to take the OEO.

To take the OEO, log in to SLMS and search for the course either by name or by Class Code:

Class Name: JCOPE Online Ethics Orientation
Class Code: 62365

Instructions to take the OEO:
  • Log in to SLMS using your agency-provided credentials
  • Search for the course either by name (JCOPE Online Ethics Orientation) or by Class Code (62365)
  • Click "enroll" to register for the course
  • Click "launch" to open course in new window (disable pop-up blockers before launching course.)


    SLMS Helpdesk

    If you have an agency-issued user account and still have difficulty with SLMS, you can contact the SLMS Help Desk at: [email protected] or by calling 518-473-8087.


    Completion and Compliance

    Certificates of completion are available on the user's SLMS dashboard.  You may need to refresh your page or log off and log back in before the link for the certificate appears.


    Course Completion:
    • The OEO can be completed in 30 minutes or less
    • Course is completed when participant reaches the last page and clicks the "X" within the training window
    • Certificates of Completion are available on the user's dashboard (found on "My Learning" page)
    • Submit Certificate to your Agency Ethics Officer, who is responsible for tracking ethics training compliance and entering training completion dates into the FDS system.


    For additional questions on the OEO, please contact the JCOPE Education Training Team.

    Contact JCOPE Education Team

    Contact the JCOPE Education team for information regarding the mandatory ethics training requirements for State employees, and individuals registered as lobbyists.  

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    Main Line  518-408-3976
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