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Public Data

A centralized resource that provides access to all of JCOPE's publicly available data.
Types of Publicly Available Information
JCOPE's Mission to Promote Transparency
Lobbying Data

A resource for engaged citizens, good government groups, and interested parties who would like to learn more about those who are attempting to influence State government.  View the lobbyists statements of registrations, client information and reportable compensation and expenses that are all publicly available. 

Financial Disclosure

JCOPE provides public access to the financial disclosure statements which include information about the private interests and activities of public officers and employees. The Financial Disclosure Statements of the four statewide elected officials and legislative members can be viewed on the website. The Financial Disclosure Statements of other public officers and employees are available on request through the JCOPE Records Access Officer.


Enforcement Actions

While the Commission’s investigative proceedings are confidential by law, if the Commission finds a substantial basis to conclude that an individual or entity under the Commission’s jurisdiction violated the law or approves a settlement agreement to resolve an investigation, the Commission’s actions are public. Substantial Basis Investigation Reports, and related materials, as well as settlement agreements can be viewed in the enforcement action table on the website.

Public Disclosure
2020 and 2019 Annual Reports and Related Data
This section has been designed to provide access to the Commission's 2020 and 2019 Annual Reports and related Lobbyist and Client Datasets and Financial Lists.
Interactive Search Queries
Lobbying Data on Demand
2018 and Prior Filings

Search lobbying data from 2018 and all prior filings.  

2019 - Present Filings

Search lobbying data submitted starting from the 2019 - 2020 Biennial Period to present.

For 2018 and Prior Filings Other Available Lobbying Data

Publicly Available Financial Disclosure Filings
Elected Officials

Financial Disclosure Statements ("FDS") are due to be filed with JCOPE by May 15. Under law, members of the Legislature must first file with the Legislative Ethics Commission which then has through June 30 to turn them over to JCOPE for public disclosure. The FDS of a candidate is available upon request.  

Request Access to all other FDS Filings

Financial Disclosure Statements for certain Executive and Legislative Branch employees and officials are available upon request. Any FDS requested for 2011 or prior will not include categories of value. FDS from the Legislative Branch are only available through JCOPE from 2011 to the present.  

Enforcement Actions
View Commission enforcement and delinquency notices
After it conducts a Substantial Basis Investigation, the Commission may vote to issue a Substantial Basis Investigation Report with findings of fact and assessment of a penalty or it may approve a settlement agreement. After a final vote of approval from the Commission, that information is publicly available. The Commission also issues notices of delinquency to individuals who fail to timely file, or file deficient, financial disclosure statements; those notices are also publicly available.