In order to create an account with the JCOPE Lobbying Application, users must initially enter a Driver’s License number or – in limited cases – the last four digits of the user’s social security number. These numbers are used to uniquely identify the user when establishing the initial account. Values stored within the Lobbying Application’s database are encrypted with 256-bit technology and adhere to industry-standard network and physical security protocols. Internal access to the database is expressly limited to select JCOPE administrators and State Office of Information Technology personnel.

User and Organization Profiles

All individuals who intend to utilize the new JCOPE Lobbying Application ("LA") are required to have a personal ID account and create a new User Profile.  The User Profile is the mechanism that allows an individual access to an Organization’s Profile so that they can manage their account as well as prepare and submit Filings on their behalf, eliminating the need for multiple usernames and passwords as is required in the pre-2019 online filing system.

What follows is all of the information you will need to create your accounts and profiles, including written step-by-step instructions, help on demand videos, FAQ on accessing the LA, and eblasts JCOPE has issued to help guide you through the process.

To access the enrollment link, go to

FAQs: ID and Password Resets

Step-by-step Enrollment Instructions

Help on Demand Enrollment Video Series

Step 1: Using the LA Enrollment Link

This video series includes instructions for users who either need to create a new ID account or who already have one. Refer to the written instructions relevant to your situation in the section above.


Step 2: Creating your User Profile in LA



Understanding Roles in the Organization Profile



Step 3: How to create or claim an Organization Profile

This video is temporarily unavailable while we create an updated version. In the meantime, please consult the updated written instructions found at


Troubleshooting: How to reclaim an Organization Profile

E-blasts related to Profile Launch